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Heath Sound Vault is a community-driven online audio network, bringing together a ‘sound collective’ of producers and volunteers.

Sound Vault aims to craft a collection of shows by giving anyone the opportunity to pitch a show idea, and if successful, will work with them to produce it, and bring it to the attention of the wider world via the network.

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US Railway Travelogue with Tim Davies

US Railway Travelogue with Tim Davies

The Introductory Episode of US Railway Travelogue sees Tim Davies of Wrecclesham come into the studio ahead of his trip across the US on such iconic Amtrak trains as’The Coast Starlight’, ‘The Empire Builder’ and ‘The California Zephyr’ to explain his podcast series – and why he is undertaking the journey.

When he returns, Tim will be sharing some of the sounds he has collected en route, and reflecting on his journey across 14 states in subsequent episodes of this series.