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Heath Sound Vault is a community-driven online audio network, bringing together a ‘sound collective’ of producers and volunteers.

Sound Vault aims to craft a collection of shows by giving anyone the opportunity to pitch a show idea, and if successful, will work with them to produce it, and bring it to the attention of the wider world via the network.

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Tracks with Chack

Tracks with Chack

Tracks with Chack – it’s not just a show, it’s a lifestyle. Are you bored of listening to the same type of music every day on your commute to work or school? Does your music taste have about as much variety as Britain’s Got Talent? Then hop on and join me on a ride in the rap train, a train so fast, so furious by the time you’re finished you’ll be craving more. We take you through 4 eras of rap, from 1979 to 2017, tracks that influenced generations, politicians and societies. It’s like a very exciting history lesson with less detentions, allow me and my co-presenter Jorge introduce you to all things rap and guide you into the defining tracks of the last few decades.